www.gmail.com – How to Create Gmail Login Sign in Account

www.gmail.com: Emails are widely used by everyone of us today, let it be for sharing important files or for sending messages, etc. There are many email services given by many of the company like outlook, Reddit, Gmail, etc. But out of these the most popularly used email services today is Gmail and it is a product of Google. Gmail is widely used because of its unique features, easy user interface, and the security that it provides to its users.

Gmail is having features like storing unlimited numbers of messages as Gmail is giving 17GB of storage which is more than enough for email. You can also send any files like docs, images, music, secret folders safely to the one you are to send an email. Not only this Gmail, is so popular that if you are to signup to any of the social sites you are to register you Gmail ID.

www.gmail.com – How to Create Gmail Login Sign in Account:

So you are to create Gmail account? It is very easy creating Gmail account nowadays, but here I will let you know some of the easy steps to create Gmail account.

Steps to Create Gmail.com Account:

Here below I am going to give you the easy step to step guide for how to Create Gmail Account for free. These steps are easy that you will surely get your email ID successfully done, but you are to follow this steps strictly without missing any single steps.

1. First of all, to sign up a new Gmail account you will need to go and visit the site gmail.com and then click on “create your Gmail account”.

2. Now you will be asked for registration, where you have to give your personal information as asked on the registration form.

3. First of all, enter you First name and last name in the name box.

4. Now you have to choose a username for your Gmail.com account like “example@gmail.com”. If the username you have given is already taken by someone else, then Gmail itself will suggest you some other username similar to the name you have given.

5. Now give your desired password in the password box i.e. “create password ” and “confirm password”, but while creating a password, you are to make sure that you pick up the password that is easily remindable but high enough to prevent hacking.

6. Finally, now select your birthday in the birthday box. You can create Gmail account even though if you are below 18.

7. Now choose your gender whether male or female.

8. Now give you the phone number in the mobile phone column. The number that you have given need to be active because you will get a confirmation code there, which you will need to get to confirm your email ID.

9. Give the secondary email in the secondary email column. Here you can give email of your mates or families.

10. Now you will need to be careful while typing the captcha code which is to confirm that you are not a robot. You are to type captcha code entirely.

11. Finally, select your country like India, London, etc.

12. Now, therefore, read the Google terms and condition and make it sure that you have clicked to the “I agree” button before you click on the “next step” button below.

13. So after doing all this procedure click on the “next step” button. You will be taken to the new page where you are to click again on the “next step” button.

14. Now finally you are to click on the “continue to Gmail button” and you can continue with your fresh www.gmail.com account.

This is all the thirteen easy steps that you are to follow if you are to create Gmail account newly. As I have said you will find the steps easy, I hope I have kept my words and made the steps as easy as possible.

This all the steps are mandatory to follow if you are to create Gmail account for new. I hope you have found this steps useful and easy. So now you can easily enjoy the features of Gmail while you send any email to your friends or office mates. Are you having any problems regarding the steps? If then consult with me in the comment box present below. Thanks for reading